Cash for diamond

Diamond has always been the perfect asset due to its high potential growing value. Customers have always been putting their money into the Diamonds as it climbs and creates new price records. In the recent years, people have been putting their money in precious stones such as diamond as they are aware of the fact that Cash for Diamond can give brilliant returns. This is where money for silver comes into the picture as we are giving the top price for Diamond that's highest in the Delhi NCR region. Furthermore, we are giving an irresistible price for the jewellery because of which we are the first choice.

Diamond Buying Process

Our procedure of purchasing Diamond is uncomplicated and easy. Firstly, a thorough evaluation of the precious stone that customer wants to sell is done, which is done by our proficient team. The best part of the complete process is that we are using the most recent tech-how for precious stone evaluation which is accurate. Further, we check diamond on parameters like Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat weight.

Calculating the Final Diamond Price

This is the last step of the Diamond assessment which is done by our intelligent team in front of the customer. In case, there are any questions that are raised by the individual-seller during the selling of the precious stone, we answer it adequately. We show every step of the jewellery analysis and also let the customer know what is being done.

Purchasing Diamond For Cash

Here comes the final step where the offer is given to the customer with our buying price. As the customer agrees to sell the Diamond, we make the complete payment and give instant cash. In case, the individual asks for money transfer that can also be done and is completed on the same day of diamond buying. Furthermore, in case of the customer is unable to visit our company outlet for Diamond selling we can send a representative at their home also.

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