About Us

Our group is acknowledged for doing genuine deals and is giving highest price for jewellery buying in Delhi NCR region. People opt for us in order to sell any kind of Jewellery, Precious stone, Gold coin, Silver chain or Diamonds. Customers contact us in order to sell old jewellery for cash because we are giving the top price that is above the market rate which makes us the top buyer for old, broken, unwanted or brand new Jewellery, Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamond. Further, the management team at our form is convinced that customers want the higher price for cash against gold. That's the reason that our company outlets provide the customer with the highest price for Gold.

Our Mission

We completely understand that customer searching for Gold Buyer in Delhi NCR wants to go for a quick deal and receive the highest return. The customer often searches for used jewellery buyer and prefer to pick the nearest one. This is the reason that we are in the process of expansion and plan to open more branches approximately 300 by 2020.

Our Vision

Every company has the vision to grow and expand its customer base no matter what domain they are operating even be it buying used jewellery for cash. Our vision is to reach in every city, metro and emerge as the most trusted gold jewellery buyer in India in coming time. Further, we believe that making a customer-friendly atmosphere results in a healthy environment and more sellers.


We firmly believe that a customized approach should always be followed which should result in a big smile on the customers face and that should result in bringing goodwill to the company. A brilliant identity in the sector of money for gold is surely bringing more customer satisfaction which we aim to deliver on every transaction.

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