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When you are planning to sell some precious metals like gold, silver, diamond or platinum, you need some precautions before. The precautions here mean that you need to know some basic facts in advance to get fair deal. This is very important to ensure that you didn’t opt undeserving deal while selling.

Before proceeding to sell gold or other metals, here are some tips you need to go through:

    1. Purity Check: You need to check in advance the exact level of purity present in your article. This must be known in advance to get an idea about fair worth of your article. This will help you to opt for favourable deal in terms of price. Please note that you need to know exact not approximate because a slight change will lead to significant value difference with



  1. Check current market price: Thereafter check for current market price of the respective metal you want to sell. This will help you to ascertain average amount of profit you can have while making favourable deal sale.
  2. Decide on form to sale: Before proceeding with the deal, you have to decide whether you like to sell as actual form or melted one. This is because sale of metal as scrap does not always work. You need to also check in respect of the resale value of crafted piece. If crafted piece fetch you good money then there is no need to melt your item.
  3. Determine best time: Now, you have to decide on favourable time when to make sell to earn good profits. The best time to sell jewelry is decided on the basis of current market conditions. A current market condition here refers to demand and supply condition of the respective metal. At this stage, you may require some advise.


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