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How to sell your valuables sitting at home?

Oh, you have come to the right place; you can sell any jewellery from home or any location. These days, the internet has made everything very easy to work with. When you know, it can often be hard to sell valuables on the second-hand market without any prior knowledge. Many would approach a jeweler or pawnbroker, but these can sometimes limit your options to have a profitable sale. In general, selling jewelry is dependent on a number of key factors. People looking to trade, need to think about the type of item they own and the type of item they are looking to sell.

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Apart from the above-mentioned ideas, the condition, purity, size & weight will all have a part to play. We buy any form of jewelry, bars & coins. If you are looking to dispose of your collectibles and convert it to cash please do visit us at .


We use the international methods to value the jewelry made from gold, silver or platinum. Also, our jewelry experts are partnering from over 18 years with great experience in this industry. So for those who are looking to sell your jewelry or thinking about it may find this guide helpful.

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Who are we?

We at Cashfor Gold and Silverkings Pvt Ltd, offer you the opportunity to earn something extra during your need just by sitting at home. With the help of a single click, you will assist without executive and offer you the promising services we provide. Do not worry, we will provide you with a free quote and your item will be picked up directly from your door with zero charges for anything. Moreover, we would not selling your valuables unless you give us a clear say. The item will be yours until you accept an offer from us. All you need to do is upload some pictures of your item with a description, and we will get back to you in an instance. For more information, visit us at or give us a call on the below mentioned contact number.

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